I Need To Laugh About My Marriage

Let's face it: marriage is funny! 
My god, marriage can get so serious, can't it?! It's all love and flowers in bloom until you wake up one day and realize that sometimes you disagree about things, or just downright dislike the heck out of something your spouse did. In those moments, I feel the keen feeling of frustration and lack of power.

Instead of getting all crazy and yelling and screaming, it is better to cope in ways that don't stress the vocal cords. That is when I need to laugh about my marriage. I mean a good, honest laugh. Because marriage is strange and stressful and in all its glory, funny too.

Laughter, as they say, is the best medicine. And this is especially true in a marriage. Because not every argument will be solved in an hour, a day or even a week. Also because if you can laugh together, chances are you have a better shot at staying together.

Sure, my husband and I own our crazy. As crazy as we can be sometimes, though, boy do we sure know how to laugh with one another. Sometimes we even like to laugh about how crazy we actually are. That can be a great feeling. Like, "You are so crazy," and "Yea so are you!" followed by hysterical laughter.

Other times, this laughter can be harder to find... you know what I am talking about. Like, you had a big fight and there is nothing funny about it. That is when I need to turn to other sources for my laugh a minute distractions. Comedies are great for this. They can flip your mood... or maybe just an episode of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo." That always seem to elicit some good belly laughs for me.

Laughter reminds us not to take ourselves so seriously all the time. In a marriage, there are times when I just take myself and my husband entirely too seriously. We are just people. We are people who have decided that we can't live without one another. We are flawed. We make mistakes. We can't always give ourselves what we need, let alone give others what they need.

Yet, we married folks, be us straight or gay, have given our lives to one another, and for better or worse. There are times when I find that just downright hysterical. If you are married and you don't find it at least slightly humorous, then I am afraid the joke will likely be on you. Because what married people do to each other over time is a comedy of farce.

Laugh about it! Celebrate it. Heck, I don't care, secretly hate it, but for god's sake, LAUGH ABOUT IT! It might put things into perspective for you a little.

The next time your husband or wife does something that is just over-the-top, sort of crazy, laugh about it! Life is short. People do dumb things. Laugh with me about this and the over-exaggeration of relationships that we call "marriage." As far as I am concerned, it's funny as hell.

And I need to laugh about it. 

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