You Should: Hardcore Make Out With Your Spouse

The other night [last week] it was all rainy and dreary and we had just eaten dinner. Then we were watching Downton Abbey on Hulu Plus and we started talking all jazzy-sexy. You know the talk. Where you are both half playing and teasing and half offering up an interlude to foreplay.

And then it happened; on a pass through the kitchen we brushed one another and before we knew it: epic make out session.

It was not a PG make out session, let's put it that way. It all started with the sexiest move known to women: the "push her against the wall and kiss her like you mean it" move, which is one of favorites. There was also full-on I-don't-care-that-you-have-stubble kissing happening. And hands in hair.

 It had been far too long since we had a proper hardcore make out session. This happens. Nearly nine years, three dogs, two cats, one cat who ran away making it one cat, a marriage, a business, and countless hairstyle changes later--these things happen.We forget to make out.

I'm not proud of it. We should NEVER stop making out. Because it's just so satisfying but also because it's so fundamental. My friend Paul says that your spouse should always be your boyfriend or girlfriend, and I couldn't agree more. I want to always feel that rush when I am kissing my husband... it will never, ever be like the first kiss; nothing is like a first kiss.

But every kiss we've had since has built upon that first kiss and then time snowballs it all into something so big you can't imagine it wasn't ever there. Then you make out one night in your kitchen and that first kiss seems an eternity away and yet, there it is, so close you taste it on your tongue--a sweet honey.

My point in all this? Whether you have been together a month or a year or a decade, you should make out--hardcore--with your spouse. It brings you back to all the fun and sweet things about kissing that we sometimes forget about. And then you can have awesome sex afterward, if that is what you choose. Either way, making out should stay on the menu! 

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