Quick Fix: Facebook Therapy

Usually my quick fix is a food thing... either something you can make really fast or some quick trick that will help you over and over again in the kitchen. Well today, I want you to consider your virtual life the "kitchen" and this is your quick fix: you need some FaceBook therapy. Lucky for you, I am here to help. Just a quick moment spent on Bossy Italian Wife and you will have your virtual life fixed up in no time....

Too bad your actual life won't be as easy to fix; but I digress. Don't let this healthy little dose of reality get to you... it's all via the internet and you can click away anytime it seems too much.

Don't Jump! 

So many people get their virtual lives twisted with their real lives. I was reminded of this a few weeks ago when I saw someone post about wanting someone to come and shoot him. Seriously? That is wack. NEVER post FaceBook stuff that can make you seem suicidal. This should be common sense, but you know, sometimes when we are feeling depressed or just generally down in the dumps, we can forget that people actually see our FaceBook updates. They do.

So stop saying you are going to kill yourself or that you feel like your life is over... someone might actually take you seriously and call the cops...or de-friend you, depending on the frequency of your posts.  If you are actually suicidal, that is SERIOUS. Call your local emergency room, or post it on FaceBook, where [hopefully] one of your friends will stop your impending doom.

Your Politics Suck 

They do. I don't care what side you're on, you're on a side and someone hates it. They also hate those 20 memes you posted on your FaceBook wall...and your popularity is dwindling, not just online, but in real life because Marcy saw you at the grocery store and wanted to talk to you, but remembered that dick thing you said about her chosen candidate and was worried you might bring it up in real life.

The thing is, if you wouldn't say it real life, maybe you shouldn't say it on FaceBook. We all watch the news and you aren't changing our minds via your latest FaceBook rant. So limit your political posts to two a week, even one a day maybe, and call it "social [media] etiquette."

Relationship 411 

Did you hear that Rachel broke up with her boyfriend? And then they got back together? And then it was soooo way complicated because they told us in a post. Oh. My. God. Grow up. I don't need every detail about your relationship to play out virtually because it's literally boring me!

Keep in between the walls of whatever room you are arguing in people... the thing about humans is they change their minds. We all know because you updated us to every change in your gamut of emotions.

Negative Posters Need Not Apply 

Do you ever notice how some people only post on FaceBook when they are in a crappy mood? No? That's because IT'S YOU! And people don't "like" it. Don't believe me? Just try--I know, but try--posing a positive FaceBook status update and see how many likes you get versus your normal crappola. I bet it'll be way higher.

The fact of the matter is, people get sick of hearing you complain whether it's in real life or online.... and chances are if you are complaining online, you are whining it up in the real world too!

This has been yoru session of FaceBook Therapy... and look at that, you didn't even have to pay for it! 

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