Quick Fix: Bellini

As you may or may not know by now, I have canned a ton of fruits and veggies in preparation for the winter as well as in an effort to eat healthier, and save money. This included a few juices including tomato juice, apple cider, and peach nectar. While having a homemade bloody mary with a friend of mine, I was already fearing when my tomato juice would run out and the bloody mary well would run dry.

That was when she said it, "Well, you might have to switch drinks. What else have you got back there?" When I told her I had peach nectar she smiled and said, "Bellinis! They are my favorite!" A Bellini was not a drink I had ever had, believe it or not, despite my distinct love for both champagne and peach nectar.

My peach nectar! I am really proud of it. 
And I feel like using it to make bellinis, well, that is a win any way you look at it. 

Can I also take a small moment to discuss how much I love these champagne glasses? They are old fashioned and I just love the way they sit in my hand. 

Anyway, we are starting with the peach nectar and putting a little bit in the glass. This is at your discretion, mostly, but I just do a slight pour of about an ounce. Whether you are using store bought or homemade peach nectar, it's thick and full of flavor. 

Then add your champagne to fill the glass. So simple. So yummy. 

I used cheap champagne, but you can go as fancy (or not) as you want. 

Either way, you are down for some premium enjoyment. 


Time: 3 minutes, tops | Serves: 2 | Difficulty: SO EASY! 

You Will Need:

Peach nectar (and ounce per drink) 
A bottle of champagne or other sparkling white wine 


Pour about an ounce of peach nectar into two glasses. 

Fill them the rest of the way with champagne. 


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