Quick Fix: Microwaved Quesadilla

My husband and I disagree about these quesadillas. I think they are awesome and easy and worth loving. He only tolerates them because he doesn't cook... he feels like a quesadilla should be crispy on the outside. Which they can be, but as long as the cheese is melted, I am not complaining. Because cheese and I have a healthy relationship.

Look, I'm not pretending this is gourmet or good for you. This is a lazy man's solution to a meal and that is what I like about it. It's even easier than grilled cheese--how can you argue with that?! You can't. So maybe you and your husband will disagree about this. Maybe you don't have a husband. Then you also have no one to disagree with, and you can enjoy your microwaved quesadilla in peace. Lucky you.

These were literally the two flour tortillas in my refrigerator. I found a use for them because I don't like waste. So this worked out perfectly. 

Dice half and onion, if you're an onion lover like me. If you aren't, find yourself another veggie! Or meat, or whatever. This is a microwave quesadilla--there are no rules. 

Since there are no rules, there are no rules about what cheeses to use. So I am using the remainder of my sharp cheddar and some mozzarella. 

First, put your cheddar on. 

Then the onions. 

Then the mozzarella. 

Then put in the microwave. And then microwave that sucker for two minutes. 

Mmmmm... melty yummy microwaved goodness. You can't argue with that. 

Now fold it over....

Like so.... 

Cut and serve with salsas of your choice. My choice was my homemade canned salsa and a habanero sauce that was gifted to me. 
I sort of think this quesadilla laid out like this looks like an angel. It's an angel-dilla. I have seen heaven, from the microwave. 

Billie's Lazy Microwaved Quesadilla 

Time: 3 minutes | Serves 2 | Difficulty: Are you kidding me? 

You Will Need

Two flour tortillas 
Cheese (at least 4 handfuls, the kind doesn't really matter) 
1/2 onion, diced
Salsas for dipping, your choice 


Put the tortillas on a plate. Top with 2 handfuls of cheese each.

Top with onions. 

Complete with more cheese. 

Pop in the microwave for two minutes. 

When it comes out all melty and stuff, fold the tortilla over on itself. 

Cut into three pieces. Marvel at how it sort of looks like an angel. 

Serve with salsas or [if you are feeling wild] some sour cream! 

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