Which Food Magazine I am Unsubscribing To

This year I ordered about a million food magazines. I wanted to read them ALL and get into the great eats they had in store for me. Now that all subscriptions are coming back around and wanting to be renewed, it's time to reevaluate which magazines to renew. Because they aren't cheap.

And also because I discovered that when you have toooooo many magazine subscriptions, you just can't cook from them all. Not that I don't try, mind you, but between coming up with my own recipes AND cooking other people's recipes, well, my time gets a little limited. Back to the problem at hand...

You see, I really have enjoyed getting so many magazines in the mail. Whenever I get mail, I feel like I won something. It just lights up my life. Even when I am paying for it. Hands down my favorite magazine that I have subscribed to is Saveur magazine. They have the most focus on culture and writing, and it is chocked full of wonderful recipes. Of all the food magazines that I get, I cook the most often from Saveur, and I love their content the most. They strike a harmonious balance for me between food and information. They are definitely getting a check in the mail.

My second favorite magazine is Cook's Illustrated. It's no fuss. NO ADS! Just food. And they are very conversational about why they have used certain techniques. They make me feel smarter when I read the magazine and I just love that their focus is entirely on food. It's not about anything else. I love skimming their pages because it feels like I am reading a cookbook and I love that. So that one stays.

Next in line I have La Cucina Italiana. I first picked this magazine up in an Airport on my way to Puerto Rico. I feasted on teh first issue, reading it cover to cover as they talked about the famed Harry's Bar in Venice, Italy--one of the first bars I ever got kicked out of... but that is another story entirely. The point is, it's a very Italian magazine and it's obviously in my genre, so there is also that. But am I cooking from it? Well... only occasionally. BUT I will say I cooked the most lovely tart from it earlier in the year....

I love that La Cucina Italiana inspires me... but am on the fence about the necessity of having it delivered to my door each issue. I am considering trading this magazine subscription in for another food centric magazine I have not tried yet. But I am not completely decided.

The last subscription I have to is Bon Appetit magazine. I was excited to get this beauty in the mail... and then it was all sort of a let down. For some reason, this magazine just doesn't do it for me. I think it's the way that the content is laid out and not really the content itself. I find it really confusing and while I enjoy it, I always seem to have a harder time keeping whatever I read in there in my head for later reference. It just doesn't make me salivate, I suppose. While I will be trying their recipe for Thanksgiving rolls, I am sorry to say, this magazine is not making this year's cut.

So tell me, what magazines are your favorite? It doesn't have to be food, but I would welcome a food magazine replacement for my La Cucina Italiana if you have one! Discuss in the comments sections below!

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