Bossy Italian Book Review: Reflected In You by Sylvia Day

I was supposed to have been going to bed early to make my spin class in the morning, but instead I was up, reading the second book in the Crossfire Series, Reflected in You. I just couldn’t put the sucker down. Now, I know that I may have likened the first book, Bared To You, to Fifty Shades of Grey, but this second book sort of made me rethink the comparison.

First of all, there isn’t as much sexually explicit language in these books. And there is so much more plot. Still, it is a rather dramatic look at love with a ton of money; I guess that is what I like about it.

It was a page turner, though. And in a book, what more can a reader really ask for? Eva and Gideon are struggling to maintain their relationship, but what they don’t struggle with? Tons of lusty sex. Seriously, if these people were real, they would be totally exhausted all the time.

Again, I was really into the way the author, Sylvia Day, described all the sex acts. It got me turned on. Especially her description of blow jobs. I mean, this author made giving a blow job sound like eating an ice cream sundae! Gideon is still weird and confusing, Eva still broken and yet somehow emotionally aware and healthy despite her strange relationship with the rich and power Oz... I mean Gideon Cross.

Cary continues in his frantic state of mind to be completely man-whorish, but we love him for it. Oh, and he has a rather bad stroke of luck that continues on this novel as well. I don't want to spoil it, but I felt bad for the guy.

I am in love with these characters and just cannot wait to read the third book. They are such great reads--what with the sex, the dramatic story, and most of all the reassurance for us all that as crazy as we think our relationships might be, their relationship takes the crazy cake with sprinkles on top. I love that.

Also: my hat is off to Day for writing thoughtful plot lines that integrate well into the story without seeming too contrived. I mean, really, that is not easy in these erotic novels. She’s consistent. Now let’s just hope that the third book has lots of juicy sex scenes for me to sink my sensual teeth into.

Because I’ll tell you what, these books serve as great “inspiration” in a marriage!

**Bossy Italian Wife was compensated for this book review as a part of the BlogHer book club. However, all opinions expressed are my own. Ya heard?! 

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