Bossy Italian Book Review: Devoured By Emily Snow

I have to first confess that this book is the second in the series and I didn't read the first book, All Over You. I am not the kind of gal who normally reads out of order, but there is certainly a first time for everything. Right off the bat, if you decide to read this book out of order, don't even worry! Missing out on the background won't matter because the author does a great job of catching you up.

I really enjoyed the ease of reading this book, and the story drew me in right away. Sienna has to go home to Nashville because her grandmother is losing her house, and when she gets there she encounters an old...shall we say, flame. His name is Lucas and he's the lead singer a very popular band. Sienna has been trying to forget him for two years, but unfortunately for both of them, they are very drawn to one another.

Snow does a beautiful job of creating the sexual tension in this very sexy novel. She doesn't shy away from using the dirty sex words and it doesn't get vulgar, either. SOOOOOO much better than Fifty Shades of Grey because the writing and plot work are solid.

I was page turning this one, people, and it had me hot under the collar. I enjoyed that Sienna was not the inexperienced submissive that can be so cliche in these types of books and neither was Lucas that over powering controlling a-hole that some male leads in this type of book can also be. And it's not very heavy BDSM...not even really beginners BDSM...this was more your "garden variety" BDSM, if you will.

For example, this is the type of stuff that is hot, and sexy, but that you could do with say, your husband or wife. Bottom line? I am an Emily Snow fan. She had it going on in all the right ways: great sex, but not too much, realistic but sexy as hell, good plot, easy readability, and that killer snap at the end that makes you want to "Devour" another book. And a good thing too!

Due out in July: Consumed is coming out and I cannot wait! BUT FIRST--Snow has out a new book, Tidal, which I am now coming next week! 

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