May is National Masturbation Month

When I noticed that May was masturbation month, well, it occurred to me that we talk about sex a lot around here, but not necessarily masturbation. They say the most important relationship you have is the one you have with yourself, and when it comes to sexual pleasure I find this to be absolutely true. How in the world can someone else pleasure you if you don't know what you like?

This is why masturbation is so important for all people, really, but especially women. I've talked before about the female orgasm; there are lots of women who just aren't in touch with how to make themselves have an orgasm, and that can carry over into their relationships. For a lot of women, their orgasm is attached to their thinking and how comfortable they are....which means, ladies, you got to get cozy with yourself!

American culture makes male masturbation acceptable to a large extent. We see it played out in media a lot more than we do female orgasms, although media IS coming around on that front. Still, even though we are seeing it, mostly in a comedic sense, that doesn't mean that our parents are talking about it with us. Talking about masturbation can be, well, let's face it, a little bit awkward.

Luckily, all you need to explore the subject is a good hand and a little alone time. And since you've got a week left in this awesome month dedicated to none other than the topic of self pleasure, I suggest you get out there and participate! The great thing about a solo sport like masturbation is that there is no one else in the room to make you feel ashamed, awkward or like you are doing something wrong.

So grab a sexy video, or whatever turns you on, and find your pleasure centers! 

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