Radishes & Rosebuds

My mother-in-law and I went to our garden the other day to check on the progress and it was like magic: our radishes were fully grown!! We were definitely pretty excited. We were pulling up our radishes with enthusiasm and love. It was kind of like getting a garden high. Okay, it was totally a garden high.

I love radishes. They are chocked full of vitamin C and they are also tangy little suckers. Another fun factoid: you can eat the greens! They are much like spinach, only with a slight bitterness to them. I am gonna sauté the greens with some olive oil and onions.

Mmmmm hmmm. Yes sir. Yes sir-e-bob. 

So, I come home from my radish picking love fest, and I was just poking around my garden doing gardeny stuff. I replanted my rosemary bush. I put some cute rocks around my garden...and even planted a couple of flowers that are just so pretty! And that was when I found myself just admiring my roses. I guess you could say I took a moment to stop and smell the roses--literally.

I have four rose bushes at my house, and I am just in love with them. Roses make me so very happy. I was so darn happy I wanted to get out my camera and show y'all my radishes and roses. And so I am. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

A beautiful red rose. It's a long stem looking one. Purdy, huh? 

This one is from my orange and yellowish rose bush....

This is what they look like when they open! 

And around the corner.....my chicken Daisy is also stopping to smell the roses. What a chick-a-dee that one is. Must take after me! 

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