We Need To Talk: About Lube

It’s funny because I don’t remember where in the world I learned about lube. It wasn’t like my mom ever told me, “hey there is this great stuff called lube.” Even still, somewhere along the way, (in high school) and might I add early on, I discovered Astroglide and my [sex] life was changed. Changed.

I started using lube about the same time I started having sex. Why? Because I like to have sex, and the more lube you use, the longer it lasts...and the more times you can do it. And it feels good, too. Still, I feel lke a lot of women don’t know about lube or don’t use lube because they think it means they are dried up or something.

I want to put that myth to bed: it doesn’t mean that you are dried up. It means you are getting it on and you like it wet. Wetter. There is nothing not to love about lube. It's a va-jay-jay's bestie.

Now I can just see you all behind your computers being like, “Okay, I’d like to try this lube, but when do you put it on? How do you put it on without ruining the mood?” For me, I just like to say, “Hey, can you put on some lube?!” before the big insertion happens, but I realize that some of you might not be comfortable being that brazen about it.

For a more subtle approach, you can introduce lube during foreplay, which I think has to be the easiest way. So, when you are giving a hand job, squirt a little lube on the tip and keep right on handing it. Your man will be happy because it will feel great and then you are basically ready to go for the intercourse portion of your newly lubed up evening (or morning, or afternoon, or both.)

Now that we have that covered, we should also talk about kinds of lube because there are all kinds out there, and they can all be a little different. I am a huge fan of Astroglide because it’s the closest thing to the real thing, if you catch my drift. No scents, no fuss, just lube. I also enjoy KY products, which tend to be a little fancier...KY has this really great warming one, which gives a little heat on contact that really makes my day. When it comes to choosing lube, though, the best way to pick it is to try it for yourself. Try a couple different ones and see what you like the best.

Now, I know that buying it in the store can be a little awkward...which is why I like to turn it around and make the cashier feel more awkward than me ( I do this with condoms, too). For this strategy, I pick the youngest male cashier in the joint and I only buy the condoms or the lube. And then I stare at them while they check me out. It makes them feel really awkward and it’s hilarious to watch them squirm. I especially love when they ask, “Is that all?” and I reply, “YES! That is ALL.”


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