Eat More Kale!

I used to have this friend, Vasily. We met when I was about 13 years old, and were fast friends. His parents made him eat a lot of kale when he was a kid because they told him it was good for him. When he told me this, I thought he was nuts. I thought kale was a garnish! So, as a result, I made fun of him for years to come.

I guess he was a man ahead of his time....or maybe I was just ignorant of kale. Either way, as an adult I have come to love kale so very much that I can't believe that there was ever a time when I didn't love kale. So, Vasily, I'm sorry for making fun of you for liking kale. I like kale too.

If you aren't sure if you like kale, this post is to urge you to give it a try. There are different types of kale out there, and they are all wonderful. I love kale steamed, with a little bit of vinegar, pan sautéed with pasta and sauce, or even as a kale caesar salad (yep, raw kale!). I hear you can put them in your smoothies in the morning...but we all know, I have breakfast issues.

I recently got this really yummy kale from my friend's garden. She let us pick until our bags were bursting and I've been eating on this kale ever since. Kale is super healthy and it's a super food. So here are some kale pictures to get you in the mood to steam it up, eat it up, and enjoy the heck out of kale.


I love this kale with the purple in the stalk. It's a great, colorful plant and I like that! 

One of my favorite ways to eat kale: steamed with some red wine vinegar! YUM! 

Tell me, what's your favorite way to enjoy this great veggie? Share with me the comments section below!

Happy kale, y'all! 

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