I Made Homemade Submarine Rolls!!!!

AHHHHHHHHH! That was an excited scream, just so you know. I have a bread machine so a lot of times when I want to make bread, I just go for it with the machine. It's just so dang handy! But ever since I made homemade sandwich bread with my friend, Renee, I sort of felt like I could tackle my own submarine rolls.

So, on a Monday, I went for it. I have to admit, whenever I try to make bread on my own, it doesn't go very well....I felt like the last time, Renee was my magic to perfect bread. But, ever the conscious food blogger, I was like, "what the heck?! If it's a major fail it'll probably be that much more popular anyway."

I crossed fingers, said a prayer to the carbohydrate gods and got to work. I found THIS RECIPE which seemed really easy. So, right off the bat, I was skeptical of how easy it was. Like any bread it was time consuming, but that didn't concern me at all because if it's one thing I have a ton of it's time. [And for me, cooking counts as working!]

Whipping up this dough was easy, especially with my mixer. It was good to put that dough hook to good use! 

The original recipe calls for shortening, but I don't buy shortening...so guess what I used? BACON FAT! Yes sir. And it worked out beautifully. 

I covered the dough and let it rise for an hour and half in a warm, draft-free place, which turned out to be my attic steps. An unconventional place, perhaps, but I was happy about it. 

Then I made these little balls and let them rest, just like the recipe said.... 

By the time I was rolling out my balls and measuring the length of my sub rolls, I felt like I needed to pinch myself. I couldn't believe that it was working out so well!!! 

I covered my six rolls with a damp towel and let them rise another hour. At this point, I was SURE that they were either going to a) not rise or b) explode and pink ponies would run out... either one. 

Unfortunately, no pink ponies ran out of my loaves. Instead? They actually rose! I felt like a champion. Cham. P. Ion. 

And I baked them. Which smelled like a carb-covered heaven cloud of goodness. 

TA DA!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

It seriously made my month when my husband walked in, saw these submarine rolls and said, "Wow! Look at these!" I melted. And then I made sausage and peppers and we ate them. 

Feeling like you want to tackle these rolls? Of course you are! CLICK HERE for the great recipe



  2. Thanks! They are delicious and so easy...I even made them a second time as hamburger buns!