Happy Valentine's Day + Some Lady Love

It's Valentine's Day--a day of love and expression and roses galore. I am not the mushiest lovey-dove  person, nor am I the type to gush over Valentine's Day and all it's supposed glory and splendor. Last year, I wrote THIS PIECE as an ode to people who either love it or hate it as a concept. Whatever you feel about Valentine's Day, though, you are bound to be caught in it's clutches.

For the first time in years (or maybe ever?) , I am actually not with my husband on Valentine's Day. Some might think that this was a bummer for me, but both my husband and I were a little relieved not to be spending today together. Why? Well, it really took the pressure off. The truth is, there is nothing outside of a nice bouquet of flowers that I would want, and I would rather just get said bouquet for no reason. There is, likewise, nothing my husband needs materially from me.

Sure, time spent together is really nice, but we get that all the time and we don't need an occasion to show one another love.

So instead, this year, I am on another continent entirely. I am spending today with my sister-in-law and my girlfriend Jenn in Scotland. We are gonna shake off our jet-lag, put on some fancy duds and take ourselves out to a snazzy fish n' chips place where Laura has made us reservations. We are all in relationships, but have no beaus for our Valentines this year--it's all about the ladies.

It's bound to be a Valentine's Day that I will never forget for a number of reasons, but the most dear one is that I am spending this one with my ladies! There is just something about a little girl power that gets me all jazzed up. Perhaps that is because we live in a world where competition is so often the focus of female interactions, and I really dislike that aspect of life. So devoting a "day of love" to some of my best gal friends is a great way to remember that as ladies, we are all in this together!

It sure isn't very traditional, but it is a great way to spend the day nonetheless. So tell me, what are your plans for Valentine's Day? Are you doing something with your special someone or going a more nontraditional route this year? Share in the comments section below!

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