Bossy Italian Book Review: Fifty Shades Darker

After the first book, I was feeling pretty hot and bothered... so download the second I did. I was hoping for a book just as raunchy and full of hot sex as the first, and to be honest, I felt a little let down in that department. This book has a touch of love... sheesh.

It's hard to knock the love aspect; I mean, everyone wants to think they can take a man and turn him into their personal fantasy, right? I don't know, something inside of me had trouble with it, though. I didn't want the romance, I wanted the darkness! Maybe I am emotionally disturbed.

The women in my Zumba class all said that they liked the second book better because it had more story line. More story line? I want more sex! More dirty bondage stuff! I loved that feeling in the first book where I was feeling like "what will happen to this poor girl?" And I felt a little bad for the main character, Ana, but also a little jealous of her, too...

In this book, things are little overly dramatized if you ask me. The author is a new author, so I think she has trouble time-lapsing, which frankly I can't fault her too much for, especially as a new writer. The language, again, gets a little repetitive. Still, I read on. And on. I finished it in a day...again.

The best book I've ever read? Well, no. But for some reason I am breezing through these books and I just keep downloading the next one.

And don't get me wrong, there are still some great steamy moments in this book, too, they just don't have the same mystery and anticipation of the first book. The sec they are having is so... vanilla. Haha. Christian Grey toning it down and falling for a woman? Well, I hope he doesn't calm his act too much because what I really like about the guy is his ability to be rough and raunchy. Can't help it. I'm hooked on THAT Christian Grey.

So there you have it. Now, onto the next book. 

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