Perfect Pasta Salad

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July and that can only mean one thing... you are going to have an awesome time! There is likely to be food involved. Maybe you need a pasta salad recipe? You are in luck! This is a simple, fresh pasta salad recipe that you can make a day ahead and have ready to go.

The veggies I use are merely suggestions-- though they really taste great--so if you want to add in, say, some green peppers or even a sliced radish or two, that is totally at your discretion. Cooking, after all, should be flexible! So have fun with the recipe! Of course, you can just follow the recipe, too, if you feel so inclined...

The usual suspects: herbs, pepper, olive oil, vinegar, carrot, pasta, cucumber and tomato. Also onion, which didn't manage to make the picture...because obviously onions are slow on the uptake. 

While you are making your pasta (according to manufacturers directions), take your tomatoes and cut em in half. These came from a local farmer and were so delish! 

Of course your carrot, peeled and cut up. 

Take your herbs, (which I am using basil and parsley) and cut them up. If you don't have fresh, don't worry, just use a teaspoon or two of dry in place. 

Throw all your cut up veggies in a bowl large enough to hold the whole salad. 

In a separate bowl, I like to combine my herbs and spices along with the olive oil and red wine vinegar. 

Drain your pasta and toss it in your bowl. Then pour your dressing over top. 

Combine until fully mixed. Refrigerate (covered) until you are ready to serve! 

Perfect Pasta Salad 

Time: 30 minutes | Serves 6 | Difficulty: Easy 

You Will Need:

8 ounces rotelle pasta 
1 cup cherry tomatoes 
1 cups of cucumber, chopped (which is about 1 small or 1/2 large cuke) 
1/2 purple onion, diced
1 carrot, chopped
1 clove garlic, minced
a few basil leaves 
a few leaves of parsley 
3 dashes of cayenne 
1 teaspoon celery salt 
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil 
1/2 cup red wine vinegar 
1 teaspoon black pepper 


In a pot of salted water, cook pasta according to manufacturer's directions. Drain when done. 

Meanwhile, half your tomatoes, peel and slice carrot, and dice onion. Put all your veggies (cucumber, onion, tomatoes, carrot) in a large bowl. 

Make the dressing: chop your fresh herbs (if using) and mince garlic. 

In a medium bowl, combine chopped herbs, garlic, celery salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, vinegar and olive oil. Whisk to combine. 

Add your cooked, drained pasta to the bowl with the vegetables. 

Pour the dressing over all of it. Stir to combine fully. 

Refrigerate to chill, covered, until ready to serve. 


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