10 Things I Do When I'm Alone

I do these 10 things when I am alone...what do you do when you are alone?

Meditate- I don’t know if you meditate when other people are in your house, but I do. I prefer to do it when I am alone. Whenever I tell my husband “Can you be a little bit quite for ten minutes” I know that he means to be quiet, however, I feel like subconsciously, it gets the best of him. He starts talking out of control.

Journal- I keep a journal, and I have since I was a kid. I really enjoy taking some alone time to journal when I am alone. It’s reflective and stuff.

Sing show tunes REALLY loud- If someone heard me, they would swear I was rehearsing for the part of my life. I really enjoy singing and I’m pretty good at it. I tell ya, I can belt like no one’s business when I’m alone!

Dance super crazy in my kitchen [and all around the house]- Sometimes you just gotta dance. I have some funky moves that no one knows about. Also? I like to pretend that someone is watching me while I am dancing, which perhaps is a little strange.

Make greeting cards/ write letters- I love writing letters, but I also like to make my own cards. It’s fun and it makes people feel special to get a card in the mail that’s handmade. I like to create when I am alone because there is no one to be like, “what the heck is that?!”

Eat pasta...or soup!!!- My husband will eat pasta, but I am like a level 42 pasta lover, and so I can eat it a lot more than him. So when I find I have a night alone, I am either eating pasta or soup. I could live on pasta and soup. Better yet, soup with pasta in it.

Turn off the TV- This might seem counterintuitive. Nonetheless, when I am alone, I like it quiet. So I spend a lot of time with the TV off and enjoy the sound of silence. It’s golden.

Clean the house- I am not OCD...I don’t think. But when I am alone, one of the first things I do is tidy everything. Perhaps I should change this to “tidy” instead of “clean.” I like the dishes out of the sink, the blankets folded, the bed made and the laundry done. It makes me feel all zen and stuff. Sometimes I go crazy and clean the couch with leather cleaner and I windex the windows.

Read- I enjoy reading when I am alone because I am totally and utterly undistracted. It’s glorious.

Talk to my dogs- I don’t just do this when I am alone, but the conversation between changes when I am alone. I have an intuition that most people talk to their dogs as if they are human. Right?

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