Quick Fix: Preserving Fresh Corn

Today is the first day of summer, and before we know it, corn season will be in fullllll swing! We get a lot of different things from our farmer friends when they are past their prime, and one of those things is corn. Last year, we turned away corn from our farmer, and we lived to regret it. Why?

Because corn is sooooo easy to preserve it's just silly, and there is nothing like corn, frozen in season, enjoyed all year long!! At first, we had been intimidated by shucking and then cutting all the corn off the cob. So if there is one piece of advice I have, it's this: don't be intimidated by the volume! 

This particular day, we had an astounding 137 ears of corn. Yes. 137 ears. BUT it took us less than an hour to shuck it, and then get those kernels ready to be packaged. See? Don't be intimidated. Don't think, just do.

I'm not trying to be corny, but don't laugh at my bad picture....the lighting was strange and I just couldn't figure it out. Let's all agree that this is a TON of corn. 

This is my mother-in-law and she's shucking that corn. Unfortunately, just a moment later, this shucker shucked her back. Then I used it, and she took over with the knife. To be honest, her getting shucked like that gave me a new found respect for this shucker. 

Anyway, all you gotta do is to shuck your corn and then measure it into freezer bags. 

We measured ours into 2-cup portions because that seemed a logical size. We all have two people families, so.... but there are o hard and fast rules with this. And in case you were wondering: NO, you don't have to cook the corn. I know. So easy. 

Seriously. 16 bags of corn. That's a ton of corn! Good for me because my husband LOVES corn. Whenever I say to him, "What vegetable do you want with dinner?" He says, "Corn." And I always say "That's a starch." I like to think we're both right. Right? Right! 

Anyway. Moving on...once you've got your corn, just throw it in the freezer. I swear. You will never look at the grocery store corn again. 

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