Happy Birthday Hubby!!!

It's my husband's birthday today. I used to always make such a big deal about my husband's birthdays...I would try and throw him parties and make a big old fuss. It used to make him really...well, irritated, I guess. He's not a big birthday guy. Is this just a guy thing?

I love if someone makes a big deal about my birthday. (Just sayin'...you know, in case anyone wants to oblige!)

As it turns out, old habits die hard. I love making a big deal about it anyway--it's my way. I am a big deal kinda gal. I want to celebrate his birth. So today we are having a little pool time at our farm and I invited some family and friends over. It's not the biggest deal in the world, but it's a celebration; it makes me happy.

Because it's my husband's birthday, I would like to take a moment to tell you about some of the things I love about him. Let's do this thang!

His sense of humor. My husband is a funny guy. He is one of the only people I can be fighting with and then suddenly be making jokes with! We have a lot of laughs in our marriage, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

That he tells me he loves me a lot. We might not be big on the PDA, but we're really verbal in our love. I really like hearing "I love you" and I'll never get sick of it. Never. Ever.

His sense of style. My husband is a stylish guy. When it comes to artwork, clothing and even our yard, he takes pride in the way things look. I enjoy that our styles over the years have melded into a unified vision.

That he's awesome with children. Sure, we haven't got any kids, but I love watching him with children. They gravitate to him, and he's the kind of guy who will sit patiently and answer questions like "Why does that cloud look like that?" and "What kind of bug is this?"

His appetite. My husband will eat what I put in front of him 99% of the time. That gets major points in my book because I am a cooking fool.

I love you, babe! Happy birthday! I hope it's as awesome as you are! 

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