Three Years....CHEERS!

Today is my third wedding anniversary. It's hard to believe...time flies and before you know it you've been married three years. I am glad that it's our third anniversary because that means our marriage has officially left the "terrible twos." What? You thought that was reserved for toddlers? Think again.

Marriages are like any living, breathing entity--it has its ups and downs. Over the past seven months, our marriage has been at its very best. My husband and I have learned more about ourselves and each other in past several months than we even thought possible. As a result, our marriage has been harmonious and full of love. These forces combine to make this anniversary extra special for us.

One thing you might not know about us: when it comes down to it, we are a surprisingly traditional couple. Go figure. In keeping with tradition, we got each other the customary gifts for the third anniversary: leather! For days, we had been communicating to one another through our dogs about how much we are going to like our respective presents.

We exchanged our gifts on Saturday...because no one is gonna tell us how to celebrate! We estimated that since we got married the second Saturday in June, it fit. I got him a super cool leather briefcase (he just got a really awesome new job!) And for me? My first designer purse in a lovely shade of green! We spoiled each other a bit!!

 Tonight we are probably going to go out to dinner, and just enjoy one another's company.

I am so thankful for my husband, and all his hard work. He continues to impress the pants off of me, and make me proud to call myself his wife. If there is anything I have learned in our three years of marriage it has to be that when you love a person, amazing things are possible. Every time I think to myself, "Wow! This is the greatest love ever" it surprises me by introducing to me yet another level of love. That is the nature of true love in marriage. If you are lucky enough find it, never ever let it go.

Happy anniversary, babe. Thanks for making amazing things possible. 

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