I Made Homemade English Muffins!!!

I was doing my usual thing, which is cruising the grocery store aisles for enjoyment, when I got a hankering for English muffins. This is strange because it's just not one of those items that I buy. Nonetheless, there I was, smack dab in the middle of the bread aisle, checking out those English muffins when I noticed something funny: they were all--ALL--the same brand.

I looked over my shoulder to see if someone was playing a practical joke. Why all the same brand? There has got to me more than one brand of English muffins in the world, right? Does anyone else think about this stuff?!!

At this point in my thinking, I just didn't want to feed into the machine. I wasn't buying their monopolized English muffins--I was MAD! I wanted another brand of English muffins! Not because they would be better, but because they would be different.

That was when I recalled a recipe I had tucked away for English muffins. I rushed home and made these. Since I successfully completed those sub rolls a few weeks ago, I had new bread confidence. Seriously you guys, I made English muffins. I am so happy.

The whole rising and mixing thing isn't so interesting, so I decided to start my photographic journey to English muffins here...after the rise and before the roll. The basic gist of all this? The dough has a consistency not unlike pizza dough, which was really helpful for me. I make a lot of pizza dough, so I knew where I wanted to aim. 

I used a four inch cutter thingy. Technical. It's the cutter thingy from my Breville mini pie maker. I swear, I use this cutter thingy more than the pie maker. (But I love my pie maker, really, I do!) 

So far so good. The trick to getting the good English muffins is to turn them in the middle of baking...well, actually the recipe said to bake them for 8 minutes, turn them and then bake them for 7 minutes. Practically half way. 

When I turned them over, I squealed with excitement. Like a pig. I squealed. 

MUAHAHAH! The world is mine! 
Okay, well, maybe not the world...but all these English muffins are. They are MINE! 

If you are an aspiring bread enthusiast like myself, you have to try these English muffins. It will be one of the best things you try all week. Maybe all month. 


  1. I can attest to their tastiness, too! Great job on them, Billie! I've tried my hand at English Muffins and have never come close to yours!

    1. Thanks Shaye!!! I have to credit this recipe, mostly....but I am actively working on my bread skills.