8 Things I Take For Granted

My pearly whites 
I have always had white teeth and with little effort. I read once in a birthday book that people born on my day have really white teeth. Crazy huh?

My public speaking abilities 
I came out of the womb ready to speak with the world. I know a lot of writers are supposed to be shy, but I am clearly not one of them. I don’t even give it a second thought [although I realize that there are people out there whose biggest fear is public speaking.]

This might sound silly, but when people are mean, I am totally and utterly shocked by it. I truly believe that all people are kind in their heart of hearts and I take it for granted until I am reminded that they aren’t...and then I’m shocked. It’s a circular thing.

Television/Internet and other electronics 
Every time the satellite or the internet goes out, I try to remind myself to be extra thankful for them because they could just be gone...but it never lasts. I just take them for granted like I do breathing...and you know what? I get really mad when they don't’ work. Unreasonably so. I may or may not tell the internet people they are keeping me from working when it goes out.

Well, I just said it in the one above--I take breathing for granted. This is funny because I have been an asthmatic for most of my life. Whenever I have to take my inhaler, I am so surprised. I should really not take this one for granted.

It’s funny, but I always just expect penises to be hard. I keep thinking to myself that I will wake up one day in my fifties and realize they don’t work that way--and I know they don’t deep down--but I honest to gosh think my husband gets hard from looking at me. I totally take his boners for granted.

I swear that I believe the tube will never end. Why is that? I mean, mascara DOES last a long time, but it’s not indefinite. And I never really remember buying the stuff, either...it’s like I think there is a mascara fairy that delivers it to my make up drawer.

My fertility 
I recently had a “fertility scare” where my OB/GYN told me I might not be able to get pregnant. It was strange because I have always just assumed my lady parts are working correctly. It was a wake up call...in a good way. So maybe I don’t take this for granted as much now.

So tell me, what do you take for granted?!?!? Share in the comments section below!

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