My Husband's Kitchen Style

My husband and I have very, very different kitchen styles. Me? I’m a clean kitchen kinda gal. I like to clean as I go, I like to prep ahead of time, and I enjoy things going smoothly. I try to be up on my kitchen terms, ingredient names, and I generally plan ahead if it’s possible. Because I am a bit meticulous in the kitchen, sometimes I have a little trouble sharing, as you might imagine.

When it comes to my husband, though, I have no choice but to the saying goes, “what’s mine is yours” and all. There are times when our differences in the kitchen are endearing or cute. Sometimes, though, he drives me a little nutso in the kitchen.

One thing that I find cute is that if a food is remotely Italian sounding and it starts with a “p” then my husband automatically calls it panchetta despite the fact that I have actually brought panchetta into the house only one time. So, polenta? Panchetta. Prosciutto? Panchetta. Remember when I made prosciutto chips with eggs and polenta? My husband called that panchetta with eggs and panchetta.

And it was all very cute.

Less cute? His take on preheating a pan on the stove. For him, heating a pan means turning it on high and [literally] walking away. This drives me crazy especially because then he has a pan that is far too hot to use and then he has to turn it down...but generally he first adds the butter to the pan. As the butter burns he proudly declares, “See, it’s perfect!” Ugh.

I’ve explained time and again that preheating a pan means putting it on the proper setting and waiting just a couple minutes--not walking away! I don’t think I am going to win this one, so...

The best and funniest thing about all this was that I told my husband, “I am SO blogging about this!” as we sat down to breakfast. At that moment, I turned and saw the butter my husband had put on the table:

I started laughing and I said, “What do you call that?” He said, “What!? It’s convenient! You can pick it up!” What could I say? I snapped a picture and laughed at the differences in our styles of doing things.

Do you and yours truly differ on styles--in or out of the kitchen? What’s the quirkiest thing your significant other does?! Leave it for me in the comments section below!

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