It's My 10 Year Reunion

I said a while ago that I was decided on not going to my 10 year high school reunion...and I have no idea why, but I decided to go. I bought a ticket, which then meant that I was committed to the tune of 20 dollars plus the service fee. I could still back out...right?

No, I am going. Actually, it's today. I have only had a handful of nightmares about it in the past week, so I feel totally prepared. 

I feel that attending my 10 year reunion might be interesting....and then there is the fact that it could even be fun. I found it hard to admit that it might actually be fun, but I have gotten there. And why is it that "there" is a scary place? Eh, it just is. 

The truth is, as my one friend Will put it, that we know nothing about each other except for the random bits of information about who we used to be 10 years ago. People change, and people grow...and others don't. There should be a good mix of this at my reuniun tonight. 

In celebration of this totally obtuse event, let's talk about things I never thought I woudl be in adulthood (but totally am!)

Living fairly close to my hometown...and loving it! It's true! Always thought I would be a city gal, and now I crave peace and quiet!

Better looking than in high school. Lots of people look back at their high school photos with longing; while I think I looked great in high school, I really believe my style has evolved since then and I look better as an adult!

A writer! I know that people are going to be asking me if I "still do theater" as an adult...I am sure that they don't still play soccer or throw clay or whatever else they did in high school. If you would have asked me back then, though, I don't believe that writer would have been on the list. *Surprise surprise*

In love with working out. I never ever thought that I would enjoy my work outs, but working out and I have fallen in love. I was never the athletic type, so I overjoyed to find my competitive edge and workout style!

So tell me, what are you as an adult that you never saw coming? Share it with me in the comments section below!!!

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