Bossy Italian Book Review: Beautiful Disaster By Jamie McGuire

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Right off the bat, I don't want any confusion, so I have to say this book is not a part of the Beautiful Creatures series that I recently reviewed. This book is in no supernatural, but it IS super sexy. This book came on my radar from my "what should I read guru" Jess. As she puts it, she reads romance novels and then supernatural novels. With her guidance, I am slowly but surely following in her reading footsteps. She gives me the best recommendations!

When I am reading a book, I want to be engrossed from start to finish, no matter what the subject matter is, Beautiful Disaster totally fit the bill. I fell in love with Abbey right away. She is one of the main characters whose point of view the story is being told from. The opening chapter was like, "WHOA!" because immediately I was wondering what was going to happen.

Of course, Abbey meets Travis in the first chapter, the man who is known for shall we say it...wantonness with regard to violence and women, really. He's a man-whore. All the women flock around him. And Abbey? Not a chance. She is totally not impressed with his bravado or flirty nature.

And yet...she seems unable to escape him. They are drawn to one another, no matter how hard Abbey tries to fight it. Unfortunately for Abbey, her attraction to Travis is bringing out a side of her that she trying desperately to put behind her. She left her hometown to get away from the drama, and to hide a deep secret that shames her. [Don't worry, no spoilers here.]

Even though Travis is little crazy, I was rooting for the couple to get it together right up until the end. Jamie McGuire does a great job of creating tension in the book between the characters, and creating a world that is unique and even believable. Sure, it's a bit sensational, but don't we all like that in our books?!?!

It ate this book up with a spoon it was so delicious. And I'm a lucky gal because the follow up book to Beautiful Disaster is already out....Walking Disaster is the same story, told from Travis' perspective!! I love this concept and I have already downloaded it. The only thing stopping me from reading it? Writing this review post right now!!! 

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  1. It was an amazing ride, full of great characters, exciting and sigh-worthy moments, drama, laughter, and countless emotions. Kudos to you, Jamie McGuire!