Bossy Italian Book Review: Matched by Ally Condie

What can I say? I blew through this book. 366 pages in two and a half days. I haven't done that since I read the Hunger Games, but I am telling you, this book had me from the first page and held me until the last page.

The book is set in a futuristic world. This futuristic world isn't desolate, though, and instead is high-tech future with air trains and meals that come to your house at your specified time with your specified caloric intake. There are all kinds of crazy rules, like, no one can enter your home.

Citizens are assigned everything from their vocations to the allotted number of children they can have and between what years that can occur... even when they die. But I know what you want to hear about is how they are "matched" for marriage right?

I'm not into spoiler alerts, so, don't worry, I am not going into too much detail other than what you might read on the sleeve or see in the upcoming movie trailers! [YES, it's going to be a movie, and YAY for that!] But the main character, Cassia, is on the verge of her matching ceremony when the reader joins the plot. That is basically where all the trouble starts for Cassia.

For when she is matched up, another face flashes on the screen of her information card, which sets off a series of events that begin to change her life. But in a society where you aren't supposed to be different, or find your own matches, and where Officials could be watching at any time, Cassia is taking a ton of risks.

Of course that is what makes it sooo juicy to begin with. I love these anti-establishment books. They just spark something inside of me that feels all rebellious and alive. This was is also well-written and well thought out. I loved the way the author set up the Society of the future. The details are great. So major kudos to author Ally Condie on this book because it's already a New York Times Bestseller, and there is no question why.

I, for my part, have already downloaded the second book on my Kindle because I just couldn't resist. And the third book in the series comes out on November 13th...I am waiting with anticipation. If you love a good love story, or you love futuristic themed books, this is bound to be a novel that just draws you in and allows you to be lost in the story.

Happy Reading!

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