Updating Old Looks

I loathe giving up pieces I love. It's ridiculous how hard I make it on myself, but I had to get rid of a few things. This was nevermore apparent to me than when I realized I was having separation anxiety over a sweater...

This sweater had been in my collection since high school, and since my 10 year reunion is coming up, well, it's time the sweater and I parted ways. But I couldn't just go cold turkey, despite the fact that the sweater had a glaring hole in the sleeve. I needed a replacement sweater. An update sweater.

Lucky for me the local sidewalk sales were coming which is the one time a year that I actually purchase clothing. All the local stores mark down their merchandise to ridiculously low prices and I can then afford their beautiful clothing options. I don't want to brag, but this year at the sales, my husband and I scooped up several item and after doing the math, discovered we saved over $700 by shopping the sales. Pretty amazing, huh?

Anyway, back to the updates. I replaced three items in my wardrobe with updated looks that I absolutely love.

That Old Red Sweater 

The old red sweater on the right was from.....drumroll please.... 2002. YIKES! 
It needed to be replaced. It had a hole in the sleeve and was horribly pilled up. 
I replaced it with the sweater on the right which looks great on me, is in a trendy color and [hopefully] will last me just as many years as the last one. Well, maybe we hope that! 

The Hand-Me-Down Hoodie 

Ah! I loved this hand-me-down from my sister-in-law. And I wore this sucker OUT. 
I replaced it with a nice, updated version in a brighter color. The material is nicer, which gives it a more grown up hoodie feel... not that I will be wearing it out to dinner or anything, but let's face it, hoodies are wonderful. 

And my old hoodie had detail I liked... 

And so does the new one! YAY! 

My Favorite Green Sweater Dress 

I LOVED this green sweater dress. But the thing pilled up like it was its full time job.... which made it hard to wear. As a result, the dress sat in my closet all last year without being worn--so it had to go! 

When I found this replacement at Downtown Cowgirl, I was so happy! It's more current and has better, more sophisticated detail. 

This little detail on the back is my favorite. 
I'm a sucker for details. 

So tell me, what are you getting rid of in your closet this season? Do you find replacements or just wing it? Leave it in the comments section below! 

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