Nine Halloweens Ago... [A Halloween History w/ Pics]

It was nine Halloweens ago that I met my husband. That is a lot of Halloweens, and a lot of costumes. For many Halloween is about costumes, candy, parties, and drinking.... and it's still about those things for me too, but with a special twist. Our anniversary may have been replaced by our wedding date in June, but this day will always have an extra special meaning for me and hubby.

Last year, I told you about how we first met (and you can read our Halloween Love Story here), but this year--our ninth year of togetherness--I wanted to talk about something different. Today I want to talk about costumes. Seriously. I certainly don't remember all of the nine costumes I have worn, but I sure do remember the best ones. Let's visit them, shall we?

Year #1- German Brothel Whore 
Yea, what can I say. I was 18 and a slip and some pearls and German accent were a cheap and easy costume. They also worked by landing me my husband... now whether or not he thought I looked cheap and easy, we'll never know. Looking back though, I think he would probably say that I was more expensive, especially over these nine years.

I will never forget that costume--I really wish I had a picture of it, but I don't. Daren's costume that year? You have to read A Halloween Love Story to find out!

Year #2...or was is #3? 
We used to have a Halloween party every year because it was a good excuse for us to have our anniversary with friends. I remember this one year where we partied our butts off. I was dressed as a pirate lass and Daren was dressed as a doctor. All night he kept saying, "I'm not a doctor, but I'll take a look!"

I searched high and low and managed to dig up this beauty circa 2004 or 2005, we aren't exactly sure:

What I am sure of? We look pretty young and therefore, awesome. We were also having a great time, which is totally evident. 

Either year #4 or #5, eh, whatever! Let's face it by this point, we've lost count! 

This was the year that my mom had a Halloween party, so I decided to go as Frida Kahlo, one of my personal heroes. I pulled off this costume like a champ. I wish I could wear this costume every Halloween. Okay, who am I kidding? I wish I could wear this costume EVERY DAY! I wanted Daren to go as Diego because obviously that would be the coolest thing ever... instead he and his dad decided to go as ninjas... or something like that. 

They made good ninjas, what can I say? 

Year #7 when we got back on track with counting. 

This was a great year because we got to see our first Halloween Phish show together which was awesome. It was also our first married Halloween. BEST of all? We finally seemed to come back to the matching costumes thing, although we kind of made up our own theme, which is how we roll.

Funniest part of this was that I was once again dressed as a whore and he was once again in a suit. Back to basics, in a strange way! My costume was "Cherry Bomb" this time, I was a Russian Escort. Daren was a wealthy Arab patron of mine, Shiek Yerbuti.

We look hot, right? The guy behind us was a friend we made on the beach in Atlantic City [did you know a lot of Canadians travel there?? Yea, neither did we!] 

Present Day- Year #9 

We didn't dress up this year. We did plan on heading to a concert to see the XX last night, but Hurricane Sandy changed our plans. So today we are just enjoying one another and I am going to make some spaghetti. After nine years, we have learned to roll with the punches more, and try to be adaptable. Hurricane Sandy may have tried to put that to the test, but we rose to the occasion and I was once again reminded that we make a pretty good team.

I love ya babe!

Happy Halloween everyone!! 

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