My Life in Aprons [With Pics!]

Ever wake up and feel like you have a bunch of aprons? It happens to me alllll the time. And they just aren't getting their due, if you ask me. My aprons get a lot of play in my house. They are another of those unsung kitchen heroes and they deserve just a little more credit, don't you think? Me too.

So to those ends, I wanted to share my collection of aprons with all of you. Because they are awesome. And wacky. And sentimental. And FUN! So, here they are [drum roll please]........... MY APRONS!

Polka Dots & Lace! 

This apron gets the most use. I love this apron because it's sweet and a little bit sassy and red, (which means it covers up stains really well!) 

Lunch Lady Apron! 

I feel like this apron is for a lunch lady. And hey, you know what? I make lunch all the time. 
Special feature of this guy? He ties around the sides not the neck and back.... AND 

It's reversible!!! Lucky me. Double your pleasure....double your mess! 

Earthy, gifted apron

This was a birthday gift from a dear friend, and I absolutely love this apron. In fact, it was this apron that sparked me to write "Fear Not The White Apron." Now that I have gotten over my fear of white aprons, I find I quite enjoy this one. 

The Wedding apron!

This sweet lil number was a gift at my wedding shower and thought the whole idea was quite brilliant. They laid out this apron and let everyone sign it. This was also when I found out what creative and crafty family and friends I have because look at the great stuff they drew and wrote all over it! 

I am not going to lie, I love this apron, but that doesn't mean I am about to cook in it. Sentimental value. I am afraid to wash it, and therefore afraid to mess it up. It's okay to have just one I don't use, right? 

Check out the details my friends and family drew in! 

The Mexican! 

OLE! This piƱata and cactus apron came from my aunt and uncle who live in Mexico! I like to wear it when I am making chicken mole, or tacos, or even nachos in the microwave. 
It's really fun, huh?! 

Scottish Apron 
[With American fabric from the 50s!]

This was a gift from my mother in law and she picked it up while she was in Scotland. The funniest part about this awesome apron is that it looks like it could have come from Mexico AND the fabric that was used to construct it is actually from the United States. I find all of that incredibly fascinating and it demonstrates that every apron has it's own story! 

Rooster Apron

This apron came from my mom whose sense of humor is firmly intact. I find it hilarious, but I can only put it on when I am in the mood to cocoa-doodle-doo! Haha. Or at Thanksgiving. Certainly it's fall themed and I love the novelty of this apron. It always makes me smile. 

Christmas Apron 

This is my Christmas themed apron complete with candy canes and weird Santas. Every girl needs one! Plus, you do a lot of cooking and baking during the holiday season! 

So now that you have seen my collection, tell me what you think? Which apron is your favorite? Do you make use of aprons when you cook? Share in the comments section below! 


  1. I love all the aprons and yes I am a apron girl myself.

  2. I make my own aprons. And you have just gave me an idea. I have never made my aprons for others, but the wedding apron all signed would be a great gift idea.