Someone Left The Light On... It Was Me.

Does anyone else have this problem? I just seem to love leaving things the lights. Or my DVD player. Or my television which I paused in the middle of watching Top Chef and I swore I was only leaving it for a few moments and that somehow turned into five hours. It drives my husband positively batty.

For a while, I really thought that I was doing better with turning out the lights, shutting the cabinets and drawers when I opened them, and generally being conservative about my usage. Then I realized it was because we were so busy this summer that I was barely home... and as summer turned into fall, well, I guess that I sort of went on a "leave the lights on" binge.

My husband totally does not mean to be sexist when he says that I do it because I am a woman. It's a line from The Walking Dead, season one, episode one. And I don't actually think I leave the lights on because I am a woman, it's just because I am forgetful, excitable, and generally unconcerned. Not that it's any better.

But I remember being a child, and I remember my mom and dad constantly harping on me for these SAME things. Old habits die hard... like talking too loud. I talk loud, and I leave the lights on. I am trying to break these habits, but I just forget sometimes. In the same way that my husband calls me without fail from the grocery to ask "if it says two for five dollars and I only get one, do I still get it for two fifty?" Yes, babe, it's still two fifty.

And yes, I realize it's annoying that I leave the lights on, but we've all got something, right??? I'm going to work on turning the light off...and the TV...and anything else I left on that I can't quite remember. In the meantime, I am glad that my husband cuts me a break every now and again.

Since we've all got SOMETHING, and since I have been soooo forthcoming with my own flaws, won't you share with me some of yours? Okay, deal, it doesn't even have to be yours--you can tell me what your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or roommate does that really ticks you off!!!

Leave it in the comments sections below! 


  1. Matt leaves the cupboard doors open when he gets something out. It drives me batty, I remember my mom always yelling because people left the cabinet doors open so I think it stems from that....not only does he do it on accident but because it bothers me he does behind me and opens ALL of the doors just to laugh and watch me close all of them....

  2. I'm good with the lights, but the Ogre and I are both bad with cluttering up the kitchen table. We rarely use it to eat, so mail and junk just piles up until we have to clean it for guests.