BIW Versus Food Recalls

First it was the beef, then it was the peanut butter, and now it's lettuce? What's next, candy corn?!?!? For the love of god, America, get your food supply in check! Nothing makes me more mad than food recalls. Not because I don't want to be alerted when something in bad in the food supply--trust me, I want to know--but because the carelessness that leads to food recalls is a big, fat waste of resources and food!

What we have here is a failure to regulate. And I'm not going to sit here and scream political jargon at you because, honestly, this is not a governmental issue. This is a food issue, and where food is concerned, you can never be too careful. Or in the case of some food suppliers, they obviously aren't that careful at all as our beef has e coli and the peanuts have salmonella. There HAS to be rules. Better rules.

I am disappointed in the food systems we have in place. I don't want genetically modified foods, or unethical treatment of animals; but if I am being entirely honest, it is ridiculously hard to keep up with what is poisoned, what is safe, what is modified, and what is all-natural versus organic. I don't want high fructose corn syrup in everything under the sun nor do I want corn as a filler in products where it doesn't belong.


I have canned twice my body weight and now have an entire year's worth of canned goods, directly from my local farmer. I have frozen what I could not can. I make my own pasta. I make my own sauce. I grind my own meat. I eat venison (killed locally) instead of beef. I am tired. And I miss canned soup that I gave up last year because of the BPA that is contained in lining of the cans.

A person can only do so much. So I feel that the appropriate thing to do in this situation is to simply have better food standards overall... you know like the ones they have in [gasp!] Europe. I know that some people treat the word "Europe" like it's dirty, but it's not. They have intelligent people there who don't like e coli, salmonella, or genetically modified foods, either, and as a result, (and I know this sounds crazy) they just don't have them.

Because average people are busy and can't run around avoiding every food that is bad for them 100 percent of the time. Also because wasted food, any way you cut it, is wasted food, time, effort and resources. So let's get it together and try and have a better food supply.

BIW, over and out! 

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