Things We Made With APPLES!

It's apple season, in case you haven't noticed, and there are apples EVERYWHERE! Apples are great for canning because you can make a variety of things with them. We Three Canners, (as my canning club likes to call itself,) have been making good use of our apple time and whipping up all kinds of apple concoctions.

If you have been bitten by the apple bug, then you can also share in our sense of pride and awesomeness over our bounty. If you haven't, well, it isn't too late for you to fall off the apple cart, get in the kitchen and get to work because apple season is a long one and we're thankful for that!

I feel that I should mention that the other day someone told me that there are over 700 varieties of apple. I have no idea if it's true or not, but he person who told me this reads a lot and is really smart, so I am inclined to believe him. 

These are some fine specimen if you ask me. 

And juicy too. 

So what did we make??? 

Well.... we made apple cider, apple butter, and three kinds of applesauce: 
Spiced applesauce
Pure crispen applesauce 
"Mixed" applesauce (using two kinds of apples)

View from the top! Or of the tops... either way. 

This is NOT all of my jars, of course... because if I had to take all of them out, that would be an enormous chore. But this gives you a great idea. 

And let's not forget the chutney! Okay, I nearly almost did forget the chutney if I am being completely honest. Thank goodness almost doesn't count! 

I seriously had no idea how much I loved apple chutney until this year. I am in love--like, hard core. 
Let's discuss: 

This Indian Apple chutney was written about in THIS BLOG POST  and I served it over duck. That was when I knew that chutney and I would have a long relationship. In fact, we loved it so much, we made a second batch of the stuff to give as gifts... 

But then we knew that Indian spices can be strong. So, we made yet another batch of chutney... 

This one we called Christmas Apple Chutney because the way it smelled and tasted reminded us of the warm winter months surrounding Christmas. Plus, we will likely be giving it as gifts. It's got orange and cranberry and of course, apple! This is a sweeter variety and really hits that sweet spot! 


Happy Apple Season! 

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