Quick Fix: Peeling Tomatoes

Have you ever tried to peel a raw tomato? Did it leave you feeling like the most frustrated person on the face of the planet? You are NOT alone. But there is a better way, friends. And if you didn't know about it, you are going to be so relieved. We canned a TON of tomatoes this summer, and this is always our first step.

No matter is you are canning a bunch, like us, or just wanting to make your own sauce from freshies, this will be a helper in your tomato routine!


Boil a pot of water on the stove... 

Okay, no one laugh--okay, totally you can laugh--but I couldn't find a slotted spoon. So I had to use the closest thing I could find, which was this spaghetti thingy. 

Anyway, you put the tomato into the boiling water and let it go for a minute. 

Take it out and immediately plunge it in ice water.... 

Let it sit a minute, just because otherwise it's too hot to hold, and then..... 
like magic.... 

The skin peels RIGHT OFF! 

I mean, the skin practically slides off! 

I did 8 tomatoes in no time at all!!! 

These suckers were recipe ready in 10 minutes flat! 

Happy tomato peeling! 

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