Ten Things I Feel Bad About

#10- That I always seem to pick my zits. 
This is perhaps weird to feel bad about, but I just DO! And I know a lot of people can relate to me on this one. Because I totally never mean to, and then it's like, you look in the mirror and it's taunting you being all like, "Pop me--you know you want to!" UGH.

#9- Not homemaking EVERYTHING
One time someone asked me if I made my own puff pastry, and I was like, "um, no, but it's totally on my list," and suddenly making my own puff pastry was added to the ever-growing list of things I have to make myself. Will it end? Probably not because I am in some weird contest with myself to see how far I can push it.

#8- Not FaceBook messaging back that lonely guy from high school 
He. Always. Messages. Me. And I feel bad about it, but I'm married, and the last time you messaged me and I talked to you, you suggested we text. And I'm not texting you. So sorry, bad as I feel for you, I'm not messaging you back. And I'm probably going to de-friend you if you don't stop.

#7- De-Friending the guy who kept messaging me on FaceBook 
Yea, it was pretty inevitable. What can I say?

#6- Neutering my dog 
I actually haven't even done it yet. But I am going to do it, and I already feel bad about it. We were going to breed our Border Collies, but they don't want to be parents. Border Collies are really smart dogs, though, and he's eight years old so he knows he has balls. He licks them all the time!... in my nightmare he wakes up and realizes I took his balls away. It's too awful.

#5- Watching too much TV
I watch a ton of television and it's not because I work from home. Even when I worked in an office, my appetite for TV was about the same. I just love it. Maybe it's because my parents limited our TV when we were kids. Maybe I'm just obsessive. Either way, I love it and I probably won't stop, despite my bad feelings about my habit.

#4- Not going out that much
My friends constantly tease me about the fact that I don't really like going out to bars...or like, other places too. Sometimes I feel bad about it, but mostly, I am too busy watching TV.

#3- My dislike for the smell of goods manufactured in China. 
I am not racist. I just happen to think that China hates us and is slowly trying to infiltrate our health by manufacturing sub-par products with nasty crap in them that is probably poisoning us. Plus, I hate the smell of everything I have ever bought that has come from China. It has an odor and I find it completely unpleasant...it's like plastic mixed with chemical.  I want to be clear, I don't dislike Chinese people--they are great and I also love the food.

#2- That I don't wash my car
The other day I was picking up apples for canning and I pulled my car in. There was a guy sweeping the floor at the produce place and he said, "What your man don't love you enough to clean up that car for you? It's a cute car, he should clean." You know what I said? "You are right! He should clean my car!" Let's face it, I'm not washing my car, and it's a problem. But the guy was right, it's still a cute car.

 #1- My waning interest in talking with others about politics
It's nevermore apparent than during election season, and this is why it's my number one. I feel bad-- I used to have passion behind my personal politics, really I did. Those closest to me can attest to this. I wanted to spread the word of my beliefs all over the place. Heck, I even joined a voter registration group at one point, but then I realized they were just a bunch of conservative [expletives] using some nonprofit to pay their bills and perhaps this jaded me.

The older I get, the more I realize I am not changing people's minds, and so the conversation, comments on Facebook, et cetera, have become more obsolete. There is a time and place to discuss politics with people who don't agree with you: it's called college. Obviously not everyone will agree with me, and if you want to talk about it, that's fine--just don't do it with me. I'll feel bad, but not bad enough to change my ways. 


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