6 Types of Sex I Have

They say that our brains are wired for organization. What does that have to do with sex? Well, for the purposes of this post, EVERYTHING. You see, over time I have noticed some patterns have emerged in my sex life...that is, we have “types” of sex. Does anyone else notice this in their relationships?

Well, since I noticed it, I have been making a list of the different types of sex we have...because I like lists and I also like talking about sex. So a sex list seemed to be the perfect thing to do. Read my list, and then tell me in the comment section below (c’mon--be brave!) what your favorite type of sex is! And if there is one I’ve left out, by all means, add to my list!

Silly sex 
We have a lot of really joyful “laughy” sex where we are making jokes right up to the point of climax. I like silly sex because it’s like having sex with my best friend. Not that I have ever sex with my best friend, but it’s more what I imagine it might be like. My husband is one of my very best friends in life, but it also goes beyond that....it’s just different. Silly sex is as close as it gets to BFF sex.

Ovulation sex
Oh. My. God. Ever since I went off birth control and started ovulating, I am like a wild beast when it comes to sex during ovulation. It’s biological, and so therefore not my fault. What I can tell you is that my appetite during ovulation (despite the fact that I am not trying to get pregnant) is ravenous. So it’s gets freaky. Fre-kay. It’s awesome.

Morning sex 
I love morning sex. It’s like, “I’m already in bed and so I am ready to go.” Plus, morning wood makes this even more convenient.

Middle of the night sex 
I fall asleep somewhere between 9 and 10:30pm nearly any and every night. So, sometimes on my way to bed I’ll tell my husband, “Just wake me up if you wanna have sex later.” I love getting that late night wake up because I am somewhere in a dream state and it heightens my sensitivity. I love it.

Slow love 
A more recent development, I have to admit. It’s me, not him. I am more standoffish to really close intimate sex because I’m strange. But lately, the connection and the ability to let my guard down enough to have the really slow love is there more frequently than it has been in the past.

Business as usual sex [we could also call it “straight up sex”]
I don’t want to scare anyone by being honest about this point...but sometimes you just need to get down to business. We’ve been together nearly ten years and sometimes you just need to get laid. Fact. I don’t think either of us is uncomfortable about this. Does the end justify the means? Heck yes--there is a time and place for everything. It’s like, take your clothes off, I need sex, and I need it now. I don't have time for foreplay, mmkay?

So tell me, what's your favorite type of sex? Do you notice you have different sexy styles?!?!? Leave it in the comments section below!

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  1. My favorite has to be the "we haven't done it in awhile and I'm ravenous" sex! Sometimes work gets in the way, sometimes there's too much stress, or maybe one of us has been sick or just feeling off. So it creates a week, maybe two, where we've been distant sexually, and you start to miss it. Then when you finally get together and the magic happens, you're stunned to find all your body parts where they belong, and the house still intact. We top that off with cuddling and deep, blissful, satisfied sleep. Nothing beats sex after a break!