Border Collie Game + Giveaway Winner Announced!

YAY! Today I am announcing my giveaway winner of my Scottish icebags. In honor of this most awesome prize, I thought we would play a little game called "my border collie or Scottish border collie"?

I'm going to show you a picture and you can guess if it's my border collie or a Scottish border collie. Pretty easy, right??? 

Let's get started, shall we? 

Picture 1
This is a beautiful female border collie. She's obviously a red and white with a big smile! 

Picture 2 
Check this lady out! She's got blue eyes and she's a tri-colored beauty with a knack for obedience! 

Picture 3
ROCKET DOG! Stealthy, right?!?! 

Picture 4
Hello handsome! This guy has some stunning eyes don't you think?!?! 

Picture 5 
Also another handsome man, and very similar looking to our other handsome black and white male. 

So, how did you do at your guessing which are mine and which are Scottish?!?! 

Picture 1- My border collie, Bre, she's a beaut! 
Picture 2- Scottish border collie we met in the park. (Also a very pretty lady!)
Picture 3- Rocket dog is my dog Ollie. I love this picture. 
Picture 4- Scottish border collie we met who was humping a lab in the park. 
Picture 5- It's Ollie again wearing a huge smile! 

AND THE WINNER IS...........

SHAYE M!!!! 

Thanks for entering everyone!!! 


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