Five [Little] Minutes of Meditation

It’s five minutes...but seriously, there are some days where I feel like the world will cease turning if I take five minutes for myself. Self centered? No, anxious! Not that one is all that much better than the other. Look, I’m a busy body. I have a hard time sitting still for this reason.

The fact that for nearly three months now I have been mediating daily is a small large miracle. This fact is not lost on me, and I have to say I keep on with it because I see clear benefits from meditating. Some of these are big, like the fact that I connect with my emotions faster. I am more calm in general, which is a good thing. When I start feeling anxious, I start breathing deep and can get it under control. Others a bit smaller, like that I eat less (this was a surprise to even me, and I am not entirely sure, but it could also be related to the fact that I drink more hot tea.)

Even with the fact that I have been doing this daily, these five little minutes dog at me sometimes because I feel a little bit stuck in my's mostly for the fact that I am still at five minutes a day and I wish it were more. Now, allow me to also say that I recognize that I have this issue, like, in life. I always seem to want more. Whether it’s food or sex or now meditation--I want more!

Maybe I am simply being impatient on my road to enlightenment. You can’t rush these things. Some days I find it a struggle to get through five minutes, and other days, I find that as my five minutes is drawing to a close, I want more while at the same time, I’m ready to move on to the next task of the day. Either way, though my ability to actually sit down meditate daily for those five little minutes,  I find I still have trouble with setting aside this time for myself.

I know I can’t possibly be alone in this...tell me, what do you mean do each day that you find you have trouble with? Do you struggle to sit still while meditating or just doing things for yourself in general? Share with me in the comments section below!

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