Stuff I Use: Knitted Dish Towels + Giveaway!

This is the last giveaway in my four weeks of giveaways and I have to say, I am REALLY stoked on this one....because it's handmade by my friend, Shaye--creator and knitter extraordinaire over at Pear Apple Knits! Shaye and I went through school together and when I say "through school" I mean elementary to high school, so our history is long.

Pretty much, Shaye is awesome and makes me smile with her sense of humor (which I dare say is much like my own.) I admire her knitting abilities because I once tried to take up knitting and found that I was horrible at it. What can I say? Some people have a gift and she is one of them. This is why I was ecstatic when she approached me about doing a giveaway for you guys!

She also gifted me two dish towels because, as you might have guessed, a gal has to test out her products. She also probably didn't want me to be jealous. I am happy to report that I love her dishtowels!  I should say I spent two days being afraid I would mess them up, but then I realized that they wash really well, and I was no longer afraid. She sells these suckers in her Etsy store, which you can access by CLICKING HERE. Give her a little love--you know you want to! Also, place special orders and all that jazz.

Her towels are the perfect addition to any kitchen, no matter what the style. And they are majorly soft. Majorly. Soft.

I am giving away the awesome turquoise colored one...even though it was my favorite one and I wanted to keep it for myself. It's these small sacrifices that I am sure you all appreciate.

By now you ought to know my giveaway drill. You have to FILL OUT THE ENTRY FORM and LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW, telling me what you making for dinner tonight. You must DO BOTH to be entered in this giveaway. The winner will be randomly generated on Sunday, March 24th at 7:00 AM. 

Good luck everyone! And I hope you have enjoyed four weeks of giveaways as much as I have! 


  1. Bacon-wrapped pork chops with couscous and green beans :)

  2. Hubs is out of town, so the youngin' and I will be dining out!

  3. Billie, I want these towels and Shaye knows it. I'm going to re-heat some frozen pulled pork from my wedding tonight, then let the dish sit in the sink because I don't have a dish towel to wash it with. I really need this, Billie, randomly generated or not...

  4. she's crafty, she's gets around
    she's crafty, she's always down
    she's crafty, she's got a gripe
    she's crafty and she's just my type!

  5. ...oh, and i made a wok full of veggies: and topped with parmesean shavings and had some garlic bread on the side

  6. Country Fried Steak with mushroom gravy and beef rice with a salad!

  7. Yeah, I'm back again because my dishes are piling higher and I have no dish towels to clean then with. I have a wife and a cat here that are dependent on me winning these dish towels-- without a win, we quite literally will have nothing to eat on. That means starvation looms over our household...I really need this, don't let me down random generator...

  8. These are a great idea! I've been craving salad! So tonight I'm doing a simple fix with all my favorites! Spinach salad and romaine mixed. Slices of aged Sharp Vermont white cheddar, radish, granny smith apple, pear, bacon and seasoned grilled chicken! Everyone can choose their own dressing and all I have to do it throw it together. Yum!