Truth: My Boobs Are Uneven

I read a while back that Jennifer Lawrence discovered via x-ray that her breasts were uneven. I love Jennifer Lawrence, and I love her breasts...but I have to wonder about why she hasn’t been looking at her boobs enough to realize that they were uneven. Because every woman’s boobs are slightly asymmetrical. Also, I look at my boobs quite a lot. They are mine to look at, after all.

Consider this my boob’s “coming out” post. I have known since the age of 12--which was the year my breasts simultaneously grew out of nowhere and then just stopped growing--that my breasts were not exactly the same size. I spent years obsessing about this and measuring the distance between them, which I can tell you, is slight yet significant enough for me to have noticed.

The problem boob? Well, depends which one you ask. My left boob would say my right boob is too big and my right boob would say my left boob is a hater. It’s all about perspective.

The older I get, the less like one another my boobs become.

To be honest, I spent so many years in my teens worrying about whether or not my boobs would ever even out that at this point, I am just over it completely. I don’t actually think I have ever slept with a man who noticed, and that was when I knew I had to let it go. I mean, if it’s not getting in the way of others liking my body, why in the heck should I care?

Actually, I hadn’t even thought about it for several years until I read about Jennifer Lawrence’s realization. It was only then all the memories of measuring my breasts repeatedly as a teenager came rushing back to me.

Now, this scenario doesn’t exclusively apply to breasts. Whether it’s a boob that is bigger than the other, stretch marks on your thighs, or pimples on your back--we’ve all got a portion of our bodies that give us pause. The challenge is to reach deep inside and learn to appreciate that we all have something we don’t completely love about ourselves and then to embrace it and learn to love it the imperfection!

We can celebrate and embrace our imperfection and put it on a shelf. You don’t have to be defined by the traits in your body you don’t like. And you can still love your body.

So tell me--since I’ve been honest about my breasts with all of you--what don’t you like about your own body? How can we begin to embrace our bodily imperfections and love them anyway?! Leave it in the comments section below!

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