Sex Partner Awareness + Giveaway Winner Announced!

When it comes to announcing my winners for my giveaways, I like everyone to feel like they are getting something....even if they aren't the "winner" per say. We're all winners, right?! Well, today, I wanted to announce my giveaway winner and share with you something a little bit funny and a little bit scary. So I guess you could say you're all getting a semi-weird sexual wake up call this Sunday morning. I aim to please, what can I say?

I came across this calculator this week and it's called "Sex Degrees of Separation." It's a calculator that tells you how many indirect sex partners you've had. For me, the words "indirect sex partners" are a little funny because I haven't thought about those people I indirectly slept with  in so long ever. 
Anyway, you plug in your number, and it gives you an even bigger, scarier know, in case you wanted to know the true depths of the sexual ripple effect. 

Because I am completely unafraid, I went ahead and calculated my number. Because I am brave, I'm actually going to share it with all of you.... It was lower than average coming in at about 556,000 people. The average for my age? Close to 2 million!!! Now, I haven't had that many sexual partners , so I was astounded to learn that indirectly, over a half a million people could have been involved. Shew. I feel like I should be more tired. 

If you want to know your number....or you want to pretend like you don't want to know but you are secretly dying to find out, CLICK HERE to be truly horrified. Oh yea, and please use condoms... 

And that concludes the sex partner awareness portion of this blog post. 

Now for the winner of my giveaway this week (if I haven't scared you off already) 


 Rose Moschelli!!! 


(And sorry, Will, we know that you may starve to death as a result of not winning this giveaway and so we wanted to direct you to Pear Apple's Etsy page, where you can get some towels and slowly relearn to join civilization.) 


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  2. Holy Cow. No comment. Geez Billie, why do you have to show me things like this! I feel like I need to go bathe!