Stuff I Use: Tervis Tumblers + A Giveaway!

My collection (minus a couple that were in the dishwasher)
I am super stoked about today. First of all, I get to show you all my Tervis tumbler collection, which I am totally excited about because it's pretty awesome. Secondly, I get to giveaway two [awesome] Tervis tumblers this week and it has been really hard to keep a lid on this giveaway!

First, let's talk Tervis.

I had always loved my friends' Tervis tumblers...some of my friends have some pretty extensive collections that rival mine any day of the week. Yet, I only had two tumblers in my collection. After all, I had a fairly large collection of pint glasses and wasn't in need of any new cups.

When my husband and I got a new butcher block dining table, though, we came to an immediate realization: putting our glass pints on the tabletop was going to leave rings. Sure, we could get a bunch of coasters and monitor our guests like overbearing hosts, but seriously? No one would like that, least of all me. That was when we decided to switch over to Tervis tumblers.

Why, you ask? Because these awesome, (and did I mention made in America!?!!) cups do not sweat. It's all in the design. Because they are double insulated, they don't sweat like traditional glasses, which means they don't leave those pesky rings on your tables. It also means that they keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.

Now as if all that wasn't already cool enough, they come with these awesome designs on them as well, which, let's face it, is one of the major selling points. What we quickly found was that once you get one Tervis tumbler, they sort of become potato chips....or MacDonald's french fries. Before we knew it, we had replaced nearly every glass with a Tervis tumbler. Here are some of my personal favorites from our collection:

Dogfish Head! Local, awesome Tervis tumblers. 

I'm not that into sports but I definitely HAIL for these Redskins tumblers! 

Once a Deadhead, always a Deadhead. We love these. And so do others.
We actually had a Grateful Dead tumbler stolen from one of our parties. Ridiculous. Get your own Tervis, jerks. 

Now, let's talk giveaway.

I am giving away TWO Tervis Tumblers to TWO lucky readers. This giveaway is sponsored by Tervis Tumbler, which, I have to say was really nice of them. All I had to do was ask. Literally.

From the new "Contrast Collection" I think you can agree that this Tervis tumbler is completely adorable. 

Classic mustache Tumbler. I wanted to keep this one, but I know that one my readers is going to give this tumbler a good home. 

TO ENTER: Using the widget, enter your information and then COMMENT BELOW and tell me what beverage you would drink from your new Tervis Tumbler!  YOU MUST DO BOTH to be eligible to win!


  1. I'd drink fresh lemonade with a bit of basil!

  2. Ranch dressing!


  3. Thats easy...Margarita in my Tervis, please!

  4. I would drink some raspberry-lime seltzer, because I am obsessed with it lately.

  5. Out of the lace it would be seltzer with lime and mr mustache gets coffee of course

  6. Margaritas sound most likely teas

  7. Coffee in the morning and cherry vodka crans at night!

  8. 3yr old Dalton pointed to the mustache and said "chocolate milk!" when asked what he would drink from it. Me...spiced chai tea!

  9. First drink would have to be one of Billie's Special Pickle Bloody Marys! boom!

  10. Tervis Tumblers make great personalized gifts! i'd drink some good 'ole sussex.couty water ...wauder ;)

  11. Thanks for all the great responses everyone! Can't wait to see who wins tomorrow morning!!!!