Hoppy Easter My Lil' Bunnies

I don't know why, but I thought that would be cute title for today's post...'cause it's Easter, and Easter makes me feel extra cheesy and stuff. Now, I know for many this is a religious holiday, and that's awesome. For me, today means one thing: EASTER EGG HUNT. Call me shallow, but I am mostly concerned with finding the golden egg.

Now, you might be thinking, "What's the golden egg?" Well, I will tell you. The golden egg is an egg that is golden and it is hidden by husband'sAunt Kathy. If you win it, you get a special prize...maybe the prize is money?...anyway, it is tradition to have an Easter egg hunt in their family and it is a ton of fun. The only problem is that I kind of suck at these eggs hunts.

Everyone else is running around like, "I got seven eggs" and I'm looking down at my basket with a measly two eggs. I try to kick my egg hunting into high gear and all I see are these little kids hosing my sorry non-egg finding butt.

I realize why: I am bad at those games where things are hidden and you have to find them. Like, Where's Waldo never really worked for me. Cross word puzzles are my worst nightmare. And those ISpy books? Torture.

And yet every year we go to my husband's family Easter celebration, I somehow come down with egg hunt amnesia and I truly believe I am going to be fabulous at the egg hunt. I mistakenly think that this could be the year that I finally find the golden egg and find out what the prize is. This year would be no egg-ception to the rule.


And if I don't? Well, there is always next year.

So tell me, what are you doing for Easter today? Do you hope to find the golden egg or are you just looking forward to a little champagne? Leave it for me the comments section below! 

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