Fear Not The White Apron

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I have a confession to make: I am afraid of white aprons. It's not like I fear them jumping out from around corners or anything, it's just that whenever I get one, I am afraid to use it because I don't want to mess it up. I know that this does, in fact, defeat the purpose of having the apron at all... and so when my friend gifted me this totally awesome white apron for my birthday, I was forced to confront my white apron fears once and for all!!

A word on aprons in general to those of you who might not wear them: what are you thinking?! Do you not cook or just have a lot of messed up clothes? Aprons are the coolest invention since they allow people to cook and keep outfits unscathed in the process. I have a ton of aprons and I am totally into them. I feel that a good apron is essential for the kitchen, and I also like to use different ones, depending on my mood. White aprons, however, have been my apron downfall....

Since this was a gift and the apron was awesomely cool, I vowed to actually cook in it and not pass up the opportunity to don the beauty. It's not like I am going to go canning a bizillion tomatoes in it or anything, but I am going to use it. Maybe for making chicken. I think it could survive grease splatters.

The thing is, this apron is like every white shirt I have in my drawer that never gets worn because I am afraid to mess it up due to my incessant cooking... and I need to get over myself. These things are material. Replaceable. And completely nonexistent if you don't use them for their intended purposes. Like, if I had a friend who said she had wedding china that she never used because she didn't want to mess it up, I would say, "well what's the point of having it at all?" Some things we just shouldn't worry about.

Since I have obviously gone to the point in this conversation where I have given so much over-thought to the subject of white aprons, I feel like I need to reach a resolution once and for all. I will fear not the white apron. I will embrace it. I will love it. I WILL COOK IN IT!

And on a nondescript Wednesday, that was just what I did: I cooked Carbonara in it and it was fantastic. Most surprisingly, my white apron did not spontaneously combust. So I think I will actually use it again!!!

So what about all of you out there in the abyss we know as cyber space? What do you fear? Is it a kitchen gadget... an apron... your grandma's china?? Share in the comments section below and tell me how you are gonna change your fearin' ways!!! 


  1. Whole chickens. They used to have a Perdue commercial where the mom had “roaster-phobia” and I have it too. I think it’s because in my head I think it’s going to take a long time to cook and also I don’t know how to carve a whole chicken, so I have never tried one. Also? I don’t own one single apron. I don’t know why. I really (really!) should because I walk in the door from work and go directly into the kitchen and start cooking – usually with a glass or two of wine, it’s my “me time” – and I do in fact have a ton of messed up clothes.

  2. I love it!!! I think you can overcome roaster phobia, just like I overcame my white apron phobia... one step at a time!!!!