5 Things My Husband Does Better Than Me

When my umbrella became tangled in this tree on our wedding
day, I was lucky my husband was there to help!
I happen to think I am pretty fantastic. Call it what you will, I call it confidence. Confident as I am, there are some things my husband just does better than me. When I told him I was going to write to this post, he must have misunderstood what the aim of it was. He said to me, "put in there that I am really good at sex--just so all the ladies know."

For the record, my husband is really good "at sex" (as he would say) but in this department we are equally matched. So I can't say he does it better than me. But as I started out saying, there are a few things!

#5- Making bacon 
He just does it better. Perhaps that is because I use the Eliot of method of making bacon which is throwing all the bacon in the pan in a jumble and watching it fry. Daren uses the technical method of bacon, which takes patience, and makes amazing bacon. I would be lost without him.

#4- Untangling anything 
It's not that I can't untangle things, I just tend to use a lot of profanity as well as growling which sort of delays the process. And also, my mind just isn't wired for figuring out the tangles, and Daren's totally is. When I have a knot in my life, he is the man I take it to. He's cool like that.

#3- Electronic everything
The real secret to my blogging success? My husband. Without him, this blog may never have happened. First of all, he furnishes my gadgets because I have no patience for picking out electronics myself. When my camera broke this summer, he picked out my new one. He helps me with lighting, with computer back ups, with networking, and with troubleshooting. He even has the patience to sit on the phone with tech support in ways that would make me bite my pillow.

#2- Grilled Cheese 
This seems a small thing, but his grilled cheese is awesome. He grills it all the way around and it just always comes out perfect. Whenever I eat his grilled cheese, I always talk about how lucky our nonexistent  child is because his dad will be able to make the best grilled cheese. Yep, that future child will be the most popular first grader in the world.

#1- Yard work and outdoorsy stuff 
What can I say? My husband was a Boy Scout--a Life Scout, actually-- so when it comes to the great outdoors, he really does a bang up job. He can light a fire, build a tent, hang a zip line, fill up our pool make sure it's level, and then set up my chair to relax in. All of these things are extremely awesome to me and I am very grateful.

So tell me, what does your significant other do better than you??? Leave it in the comments section below! 

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  1. COOKING! Also, reaching things, opening containers, driving and talking. ;D