Today is a really exciting day for me because I am announcing something really cool and fun: my first novella, A Moment With Each of My Lovers is now available on Kindle!!!!! 

The book is about (as you might have guessed) my lovers and moments I have spent with each of them.   It's funny, sassy, sexy, and a completely honest look at love and sex from my perspective. Since there is a lot that you can read in the book (and I don't want to give away any spoilers in this announcement post), I thought I would give you something you can't find in the book: the story behind how it came together...other than me sleeping with people, of course.

One lazy summer afternoon, my husband, myself, and our friend Jimbo were sitting around, passing the time and conversing. My dear friend, Jimbo, is quite a sexual being as is no secret to many of the people around him. He loves telling stories about his own lovers, and over the years, I have become familiar with many of them he has told stories about.

It was after one of these stories that Jim proclaimed in his gravely Long Island-laced accent, "I wish I could spend just a moment with each of my lovers, past and present." I just loved the ring that had to it-"A Moment With Each of My Lovers,"-- and I loved the thought of paying homage to one's lovers. I was in the early stages of my writing career, and so I ran inside, and wrote it down as a title, "A Moment With Each of My Lovers." A few weeks later, I started writing it.

I was surprised when I actually finished it, but because of the nature of the content, I was a little nervous about putting it out there. That, and I wasn't sure how to market it. So, for a year, I sat on the project and began to think about it. I put a couple of stories out on the blog and sat back to see how they were received. As it turns out, people really enjoyed reading my sex stories as much I loved telling them.

So, my New Year's resolution was to pull the trigger on the project, finish it, edit it, and put it out on Kindle. It's really reasonably priced at just 99 cents!! So I hope that my fans--both old and new--will give it a read and support me as a writer. It's meant to be funny, relatable, and a view of what sex is like in real life.

Get on Amazon, download my book, share it with your friends and prepare to laugh out loud at my sexcapades!


Bossy Italian Wife, over and out!


  1. YAY! Can't wait for you to read it! I hope you enjoy it! And don't forget--tell all your friends ;)