Haters Gonna Hate...

I’m a lover. It’s just how I roll. Sometimes I have less loving moments than I would like, but hey, no one is perfect. I had this situation the other day where I was finding myself feeling like I wanted nail someone to the wall. I’m a fiery gal, as you can imagine, and so it happened. The context of this is really unimportant because it all really goes the same way....I got a little mad.

And you know, life can get that way--life can make ya M-A-D sometimes. So, I took a deep breath, wrote an email, deleted it, and then took another deep breath... because you know what? Haters gonna hate.

There is always going to be some jerk trying overtly or underhandedly to get under your skin. Those kinds of people will always be out there. They are as numerous as the day is long. People will constantly be trying to hand you lemons and you just gotta take those lemons and open a factory to squeeze those suckers into lemonade. Then sweeten it with some sugar.

I am actively working to accept life as it comes and to keep in mind my reactions to things. I genuinely want to grow into being as a loving person because I believe in it as a life practice. We can really only change ourselves, and this includes how we react to other people and situations. Lovers gonna love...and that is how I want to respond to things. It’s not always easy, but if you can choose kindness, it really is the better option.

It’s not without a hiccup (or 29,657) but Buddha says “there is no wasted effort” and I agree.

I have never lost anything by being kind or coming from a place of love. So, like in my situation the other day, I had to think about what I stood to lose if I came from a place that didn’t include love. I found there was more to gain by coming from love, and much more to lose by unleashing from an unkind place.

Sometimes we just get caught up. We have a moment that turns into pure emotion and logic flies right out the window. We’re human, after all. But if you can learn to catch yourself, and stop and wait out emotion a little, then you might be able to harness your love and come from a place that isn’t impulsive or primal emotional response...it’s something more evolved, more patient, and generally more kind.

Because hater are gonna hate...but you can choose love instead!

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