Happy New Year + Oscar's Holiday Week

Happy New Year! We sure had a great time and I hope that you did too. I am really happy we survived the holidays and also that the world didn't end. Otherwise, I would have never had the opportunity to show you how much fun Oscar had over the holidays. He really lived it up.

He wanted me to tell all the readers that he got everything he wanted for Christmas, which was a Christmas Bobo and a new sweater. He hopes you got everything that wanted for Christmas, too, and also that you aren't too hung over from last night.

The classic begging dachshund... what was he begging for you ask?

Eggnog. He can be quite a lush.... it was the season, after all. But you know what they say; "If you give a mouse a cookie..." And if you give Oscar some eggnog? 

He turns into DJ $keet and spits some beats.I tried to tell him that Snoop Dog isn't the only artist we have bought music from. I think that's why he gave me this look. I drew the line when he asked to use my cellphone to pick up hot doxie chicks, though. 

Things took a little turn for the crazy when he insisted on dressing up as a reindeer. He said the ladies like it, and as it turned out, he was right. 
I was really worried that he might get sick after all the partying, but it turned out he was just really tired. 

After all that partying, let's just say that Oscar was feeling, well, a little unbalanced... 

So we took him to get some acupunture. He said it really balanced him out and helped rid his body of toxins following his 'nog binge. 

Must have tuckered him right out. 


[We hope you had as much fun as Oscar!] 

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