Bossy Italian Book Review: Here I Go Again by Jen Lancaster

The moment I read Jen Lancaster's "My Fair Lazy," I knew that I loved her. But fiction is another genre entirely....still, I was curious to read this book because, as a [mostly] nonfiction writer myself, I wanted to see how it all transcended. (Because I have not, I am sorry to report read her other fiction novel, If You Were Here). After reading "Here I Go Again" what have I to say? WOW.

I read this book in a day. A day. It was highly entertaining, creative, and just really well written. Jen Lancaster approaches fiction writing  with the same bravado and guts she does her nonfiction and it sparkles!

First, let's talk about the concept (and really, I want you all to be just as surprised as I was, so no spoiler alerts). But basically, this book is about that really mean chick you went to high school with. We all had them...they said and did mean things. They were all about themselves. And they grew up to be just about as rotten as we had imagined. And yet.

When you take the cover off--the book is
even cooler!
This story is also about redemption. And failure. And redemption. All of it set vividly against the early 90s, hair bands/grunge music/pop culture references galore, lunchroom embarrassments, and a pack of mean girls you will love to hate. It's like Mean Girls meets Back To The Future meets Clueless--in all the best ways.

Jen Lancaster is a fiction force to be reckoned with. To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if this book was picked up and made into a movie. It has all the making of a great film, really. I see this being a book that women really enjoy--from the modern day reality TV references to the throwback aspects of the book. It's a great, feel-good read that forced me to drop everything in the name of reading!

**Bossy Italian Wife participated in reviewing this book as part of BlogHer's book club. I was compensated for my opinion, but all views expressed are my own. Ya Heard?! 

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