Bossy Italian Book Review: I Thought It Was Just Me (But It Isn't) By Brene Brown

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When my therapist suggested I read this book, I thought to myself, "Sure, I read all the time...what's another book?" What I didn't know? That this book would be utterly poignant as well as enlightening. << Props to my therapist. >> I Thought It Was Just Me (but it isn't) by Brene Brown challenges what happens in the everyday by talking about *gasp* shame.

I know what you might be thinking...who wants to read a book about shame? I am ashamed of my shame, you might be saying. Well be ashamed no more!!! Shame in women's culture needs the lid blown off of it, and Brene Brown is bringing it out of the closet.

Brene Brown's research on women's culture and shame, connection and disconnection is remarkable and her book reveals how to recognize your shame, how to break through it and also how to connect with the world around you. You will learn how to employ your compassion and break through societal norms that we all know suck but have a way of engaging us gossip. And body ideals. And parenting expectations (even if you aren't parent!)

Her down to earth manner of writing is relatable, easy to read, and funny. She's got the personality that really carries the book start to finish and she is just really awesome. She also has some awesome TED Talks that are on YouTube, so start googling because this is someone you will easily fall in love with. She's a real, Texas gal with a big heart, and I felt right at home with this book.

If you think that you are immune from shame because you haven't suffered a major life trauma, think again. It's in everything we do--laced into the very fabric of society--in many subliminal ways. From the media to our family structures we take in thousands of messages daily that permeate us and set ideals we might not even realize we are trying to fulfill. At least, that is what I learned.

By the end of reading this book, I realized that I was far from perfect--a work in progress--and totally okay with it. I realized that it is completely fine to not know something, to ask, and to stop engaging in conversations, friendships, and situations that I found uncomfortable simply because I longed to feel a part of something.

Yea, "I thought it was just me...(but it isn't.)" It just isn't--and I'm glad it's not. This book is empowering, earth shattering in the best ways, and simply a book that every woman should read. Shame grows in silence and Brene Brown has made it her mission in life to loose the truth. She implores us to speak about our shame thereby rendering it useless and unable to grow. I don't know about the rest of you, but that is kind of world I want to live in.

If you agree--even if you think you might maybe agree--I urge you to pick up this book. You just won't look at things the same again. It will change the way you think of yourself, your shame, and the people around you. It is the New Year, and a perfect time to change up old why try letting go a little? Letting go of shame seems the perfect place to start, right?

I've already downloaded the next book, The Gifts of Imperfection, and I can't wait to see how the journey into my authentic self unfolds! 

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