Stuff I Use: Digital [Meat] Thermometer

For years I just plain refused to use a thermometer. After a few years, though, I found this old thermometer in one of the drawers of my house... I have this habit of using that kind of thing...and so I started using that old thermometer. After a while, though, I starting to doubt if was actually working. The mercury just wasn't rising like it used to.

So one day, at the kitchen supply store (which is like the candy land of stores for me!) I saw this cute, green digital thermometer and I thought, "Heck, why not?!" And I bought it. For a whopping...wait for it... $10! Seriously. How in the world can you beat that?! 

I don't know how I ever lived without this thing. I am completely in love with this little lime green digital temperature gage. It makes my life in the kitchen exponentially easier. It measures with a ton of accuracy. There's no mercury to watch, and best of all, I feel sense of security with this little gadget. 

Look, let's level, we all know what we do without these thermometers....we cut open meat to see if they are done. At first, we all confident as we say to ourselves, "Oh it totally looks done!" And then we cut it up, revealing that it still has a little while to go. So what then? We cut it again to re-check doneness. Or is it just me that does that?! 


No more! This little gadget saves my meat-cutting neck and allows me to serve with confidence. If you don't already know the wonder of the digital thermometer, well, you are simply going to have to buy one. It's worth it's weight in gold. You'll thank me. Over and over. 

Also? It has a cute protection case and is easy to clean and operate. Also has a Celsius temperature option for the metric lover in you! 

Happy temperature gaging, my friends! 

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